Rural Extension and Innovation Systems Journal

Volume 11 No 1 - 2015 [Papers from the 2015 APEN Conference]

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 Research  - peer refereed papers
 1 Carla Wegscheidl, Phillip Trendell & Jeff Coutts
Evaluating the role of extension in helping to improve water quality in the Great Barrier Reef
 11 Lisa Cowan, Vic Wright, Geoff Kaine & Ray Cooksey
The influence of family and personal domains on change decisions on irrigated dairy farms
 23 Geoff Kaine
Factors influencing standing off and wintering off dairy livestock in New Zealand
 33 Michelle Graymore, Imogen Schwarz & Briana Brownell
Development of quick tool for farmer segmentation: Practical uses for extension work
 43 Sophie Folder & Jim Cavaye
The role of social capital in Tasmanian cherry industry value chain
 53 Victoria Westbrooke & Peter Nuthall
Smaller scale New Zealand dairy farmers: The context for future innovations
 62 Isabel Arevalo-Vigne, Nancy Longnecker, Ben White, Iain Walker & Ross Kingwell  
Making sense of the science behind fruit fly control
 72 John James, Jeff Coutts & Raj Gururajan
Its all about the benefits: why extension professionals adopt Web 2.0 technologies
 83 Kelly Rijswijk & Helen Percy
Farming within limits: using an agricultural innovation systems approach to identify barriers and opportunities for change
 93 Jane Gray, Richard Clark, Terry Sloan & Ann Dadich
Personal and business improvements and innovations: Methodology and mechanisms for successes  
103 Kristy Howard, Anne Stelling & Cynthia Mahoney
Building women's participation in the wool industry

Emily Barbi, Robert Denham & Megan Star
Do improved grazing management practices lead to increased levels of ground cover?



Practice - industry relevant papers
 122 Ee Cheng Ooi, Joanne Campbell, Ross O'Sullivan & Sarah Chaplin
The Dairy Fertility Investigator: blogging as a digital extension platform for agriculture
 128 Katherine Hollaway, Richard Vines, Julie White, Gavin Beever, Kellyanne Harris, Kieran Murphy, Carlos Lora, Kyle Thoms & Thomas McCue
How eXtensionAUS used integrated online tools to provide a national extension platform for Beet Western Yellows Virus
 134 David Stevens, Seth Laurenson & Tony van der Weerden
Developing decision support tools for restricted grazing managements to mitigate environmental impacts
 141 Jayne Chamberlain
Don't be afraid to try something new
 144 Cam Nicholson & Jeanette Long
Using temperament typing to improve your approach with clients
 151 Zoe Creelman, Jeanette Long & Danielle England
Equipping farmers to take a fresh look at rules of thumb
 157 Peter Ampt, Rebecca Cross, Helen Ross & Bruce Howie
The case for retaining, redefining and reinvigorating extension in agricultural innovation systems
 165 Marie Casey, David Stevens, Derrick Moot, Robert Phiskie, Andrew Wall & Bryan Thompson
Lessons learned in delivering an extension programme for grazing Lucerne in Central Otago, New Zealand
 173 Helen Percy, James Turner, Neels Botha, Toni White, Bruce Small, Alex Fear & Andy Cooper
Beyond results: Planning science for meaningful change 
 177 Kev McCosker & Adam Northey
Paddock to reef: Measuring the effectiveness of large scale investments in farm management change
 184 Lawrence Di Bella, Dominique O'Brien, Michael Nash & Carla Wegscheidl
Targeted extension strategies to improve water quality outcomes in the Australian sugar industry
 191 Liam Ryan & Bryton McShane
Leveraging Twitter® to aid tactical fertiliser applications and soil management in the West Australian Grainbelt
 197 Simon Sankey
Using the Whole Farm Assessment process to improve New Zealand Dairy discussion groups
 204 Donna Lucas, Ashley Hobbins, Sophie Folder & Adrian James
Reducing on-farm emissions: successful farmer engagement by understanding the impact on productivity and profitability
 210 Kate Sargeant & Mark Paine
Building a robust capability framework to face the fast-growing challenges of the New Zealand dairy industry
 218 Kristen Stirling, Carl Larsen & Anne-Maree Boland
Improving the reach of extension projects in the Australian vegetable industry
 225 Hussein Al Moadhen & Sean Miller
On-The-Ground - A training, development, and extension program assisting the sheep sector in Iraq