The APEN Extension skills mentoring scheme is designed as a low cost peer mentoring system, which will benefit the individuals involved, our discipline and our organisation.

The APEN Extension skills mentoring scheme is an additional service available to members only. Of course interested non-members may join and gain immediate access to it. The registration fee only costs mentees $140 (plus $14 GST for Australian residents) per year, and there is no fee for mentors.

Mentees will benefit from:
  • the disciplined approach of reflection and planning to achieve outcomes
  • increased knowledge and skills in a particular area of interest
  • increased confidence in undertaking your daily work
  • improved understanding of what is expected in your work role
  • a supportive environment where you are encouraged to take risks and learn constructively from failure
  • increased potential for career mobility and promotion
  • improved understanding of the extension system
  • getting to know other APEN members
  • access to a “sounding board” to try out new concepts and ideas.
Mentors will benefit from:
  • refreshing and honing your own professional skills
  • the satisfaction of helping another person grow and further develop
  • being challenged to think about your perspectives and viewpoints
  • getting to know other APEN members
  • helping the extension discipline to grow and mature
  • contributing to the future of APEN
  • the public recognition of your knowledge and talents
  • giving back to others and the organisation
  • the challenge of having to explain often complex principles which then improves your own understanding
  • being more aware of recent trends and developments in your area of expertise
  • the discipline of reflecting on your own career and where you are headed.
Many have found the scheme of great value. Some of the feedback received to date:
  • "Pairing with someone outside my existing network was good - to expand contacts and opportunities, and also offered insight into how things are done elsewhere and areas I have not been exposed to before."


  • "..... younger professionals, despite the availability of a wide range of on-line and one-on-one resources are still quite vulnerable to the day-to-day pressures of the job, and there are areas in which I can offer useful help. I have really enjoyed the experience."

For all the details, please read our information booklet (366 KB PDF).

To register, please complete the appropriate online registration form for mentors or mentees

If after reading the information pack you have further questions, please contact Roe Currie.