Rural Extension and Innovation Systems Journal

Volume 13 No 2 - 2017 [Papers from the 2017 APEN/GFRAS International Conference]

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 Research  - peer refereed papers
 1 JA Pickering, J Hong, D Hong & M Kealley
Applying behavioural science to the Queensland sugar cane industry and its relationship to the Great Barrier Reef
 11 Ken Keith
Thriving or just surviving: social capital and resilience of long-term Landcare groups in Queensland
 21 Callum Eastwood, Toni White, Jo Sheridan, Maitland Manning & Kim Mashlan
Skills required by dairy farmers when strategically adapting their farm system
 32 Alison Hall, Lydia Turner, Lesley Irvine & Sue Kilpatrick
Pasture management and extension on Tasmanian dairy farms - who measures up?
 41 Chris Radcliffe
The Sustainable Agriculture Learning Framework: An extension approach for indigenous farmers
 52 Rabi Maskey, Helen Murdoch, Rebecca Pike & Nick O'Halloran
Assessing the impact of Beyond Soilcare project: using a Goal Attainment Scaling technique
 61 Nurul Hilmiati, Bamban Budiwiranto & Elske van de Fliert 
Gender, ethnicity and engagement: Uptake strategies for smallholder cattle farming innovation in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
 70 Timothy Moravek, Brigid Nelson, Angela Anderson & David Reid
Quantifying the effectiveness of extension delivery methods on practice change - the experience of the Grazing BMP Extension Support Project
 76 Roxanne Henwood, Brennon Wood, Alison Sewell, David Gray, Hugh Blair, Lydia Cranston, Maggie Hartnett, Peter Kemp, Paul Kenyon, Rene Corner-Thomas & Steve Morris
Engaging with individuality in agricultural learning: a sociocultural study of innovation in a farmer-scientist community
 86 D Drysdale, M Hartnett, AM Sewell, DI Gray, PD Kemp & BA Wood
Measuring farmers' self-efficacy for managing perennial summer forages                     
96 Sreeram Vishnu & Jancy Gupta
Evolving localized innovation system: The case of Imasree Farmer Producer Company


Practice - industry relevant papers
 106 Rabi Maskey, Amjed Hussain, Rob O'Connor, Rebecca Pike & Paul Price
Impact of irrigation modernisation on farm performance and productivity: a case study
 112 Kaara Klepper, Howard Cox, Chris Dowling & Julie White
Utilising learning theory to focus nutrition extension activity
 117 Leah Garnett, Gae Plunkett & Troy Mauger
Using Rice$enario to improve the business of rice growing
 121 Hayley Eames & Rod Collins
Grains Best Management Practices: delivering productivity and sustainability outcomes for the central Queensland grains industry
 127 P Botha & RA Stranack
Integrated pest management strategies adopted by sugarcane growers in the midlands of Kwazulu-Natal to counter an incursion of the African Sugarcane Borer (Eldana saccharina: Walker) 
 131 Matt Brown
Grazing BMP - encouraging management changes in the grazing business
 135 Mary-Anne Young, Merri Tothill, Justine Drew & Lyn Dohle
Experiences in supporting primary producers'recovery from the Pinery bushfire, South Australia
 141 Emily Maher, Anna Roberts, Geoff Park, Adam Knapp & Carole Sweatman
Evaluating a new model for the integrated delivery of Reef water quality outcomes
 147 Jayne Gentry, Howard Cox, Andrew Zull, Jason Brider & James Hagan
Developing and testing an analysis framework for long-term fertiliser decisions: Deep-P Calculator
 151 Asterio Saliot & Renelle Joy Tabinas
Academic and technology integration - educational program (ATI-EP) for out-of-school-youths (OSY) in conflict and rural areas of the Philippines
 156 Megan Willis, Brigid Nelson & Kate Brown
Extension through Grazing BMP: and integration of production and natural resource management
 161 Terry Parminter, John Greer & Lee Astridge
Fostering change in people management - the DairyNZ 'People Lift' Project
 167 Andrew Rouse & Craig Davenport
Project Catalyst: An innovation project for cane growers in the Great Barrier Reef catchment
 172 Joe Nkala
Review of successful land reform beneficiary projects resulting from co-ordinated service delivery within the South African sugar industry
 176 John James
When a virtual success is a real failure: leaning from the Enabling change and innovation webinar series
 181 Ashley Rogers & Tess Grieves
Chicks in the Sticks - supporting rural women to lead in agriculture and natural resource management
 187 Adam Royle & Lawrence Di Bella
Targeted sugarcane grower extension improves reef water quality