At times APEN will consider policy issues that impact on extension. This may done by:
  • Participating on committees that influence extension policy
  • Establishing and promoting a policy position (e.g. by having it on our website)
  • Providing submissions to government enquiries
Input for policy issues will usually be obtained by a request to members or through special sessions at an APEN event, probably the National Forum or the Australasia Pacific Conference.

Most policy is influenced by informal interactions amongst professionals. The mere existence of the extension network and having members involved in a wide range of government and private institutions means that APEN members are involved in the policy making process whether they realise it or not.

At times though an issue comes along that needs special attention and the Management Committee will seek to gauge member’s views to establish a position or become involved as it is obviously of importance to extension.

The following are policy areas APEN has been formerly involved in: