Our people

Management Committee

The Management Committee consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor/s, past President and Regional Coordinators. 

Where possible committee members are also Regional Coordinators. The committee is supported by a Secretariat.
The Management Committee oversees the operations of APEN.

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Regional Coordinators

The Regional Coordinators are elected by the regional members to represent their region and support the activities of the regional clusters. The Regional Coordinators are members of the Management Committee.

Currently there are six regions in Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia) and a New Zealand/Overseas region. Regions are defined by national or state boundaries.

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Cluster Coordinators

A Cluster Coordinator is a person or group within a region who identifies relevant professional development/networking activities for the members in their cluster, then organises and evaluates these activities. Cluster Coordinators keep the Regional Coordinator informed.

Groups interested in forming a cluster can contact their Regional Coordinator who then seeks endorsement from the Management Committee.

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Subcommittees are an important way for members to help APEN achieve its goals. It also means that members can become involved in areas that particularly interest them.

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Provides administrative support for APEN and particularly the Management Committee. 

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