Office bearers

Office bearers play a pivotal role in the running of APEN. Being a voluntary organisation our success relies heavily on the contribution of members in these pivotal roles.

The following is the nomination form for the President and Regional Coordinators. Members will be notified when nominations are being sought.

Nomination form (42 KB PDF)

For a more detailed explanation of the appointment of office bearers in APEN please refer to the Constitution (163 KB PDF).

Roles and responsibilities


  • leads the organisation in a responsible but innovative manner;
  • coordinates the Management Committee as a group of volunteers striving for a common goal;
  • ensures administrative functions are achieved in an efficient, effective and timely manner;
  • ensures that appropriate values are upheld (eg participative, responsive, inclusive, interactive, people-focused, and flexible);
  • ensures a president’s report is delivered to the AGM.


  • assists the President undertake his/ her duties;
  • is the primary support for the President when required;
  • undertakes the President’s duties in his/ her absence as required.


  • provides advice, support and corporate history to the Management Committee;
  • is not expected to undertake any specific portfolio or project work.


  • arranges to collect and receive all moneys due to APEN and make all payments authorised by the APEN;
  • ensures a budget is prepared and monitored in a timely manner;
  • arranges to keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of APEN with full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with its activities;
  • arranges for the said books to be audited and end of year financial reports to be prepared and presented to the AGM.


  • arranges that minutes are kept of the resolutions and proceedings of each general meeting and each Management Committee meeting, in books provided for that purpose;
  • arranges a record of the names of persons present at the meetings in the same books.


  • arranges the collection, collation and publishing of material for the APEN newsletter;
  • ensures the newsletter is produced and distributed in a timely manner in a form and frequency as determined by the Management Committee.

Regional Coordinator

  • identifies appropriate Cluster Coordinators in their region;
  • encourages and supports their Cluster Coordinators by teleconference, email, face to face meetings or other appropriate means;
  • facilitates collaboration between Clusters in their region;
  • represents the interests of the members in their region on the Management Committee;
  • participates in Management Committee meetings and portfolio projects.

Cluster Coordinator

  • identifies relevant professional development/ networking activities for the members in their area;
  • organises and evaluates these activities;
  • may invite a group of interested individuals to assist them with this role;
  • keeps the Regional Coordinator informed of activities.


  • performs professional administrative functions for APEN, supporting the Management Committee with their activities (especially the President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen on a tender basis, and each subsequent year submit an estimate of the coming year’s expenses for approval by the Management Committee.