Interim Steering Group

The following people formed the interim committee to manage the establishment of APEN.

Core working group

Terry Makin, Farmer, Victoria (Chairman)
Bob Macadam, University of Western Sydney
Ian Simpson, NSW Agriculture
Peter van Beek, Queensland Department of Primary Industries

New South Wales

Peter Davies, Department of Conservation and Land Management
John Lacey, NSW Agriculture

New Zealand

Alan McRae, Massey University

Northern Territory

Tom Price, Berrimah Agricultural Research Centre

Papua New Guinea

Tim Kepui, Department of Agriculture and Livestock


Bruce Frank, University of Queensland
Ann Hanger, Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Solomon Islands

David Palapu, Solomon Island Broadcasting Corporation

South Australia

John Bourne, Primary Industries South Australia


Frank Walker, Department of Primary Industry and Forestry


Stuart Hawkins, University of Melbourne
Warren Straw, Department of Agriculture

Western Australia

Peter Nash, Western Australia Department of Agriculture