Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 9 - 2013 [Papers from the 2013 APEN International Conference]

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 Research Forum
 1 Barbara King and Ruth Nettle
Private-public advisory networks: A case study of Australian dairy pasture seed
 10 Geoff Kaine, Sam Longley, Eloise Seymour and Vic Wright
The desire to adopt: Enhancing the psychological plausibility of adoption models
 20 Heather Collins
Resilience through change: 'Beyond reasonable drought'
 28 Jill Walcroft and Anna Taylor
Listening to end-users improves access and usability for climate change website
 34 Lesley Hunt, Chris Rosin, Hugh Campbell and John Fairweather
The impact of neoliberalism on New Zealand farmers: changing what it means to be a 'good farmer'
 43 Megan Hill, Geoff Kaine and Roger Ashburner
Where farmers' seek information when making purchasing decisions, implications for extension
 52 Rabi Maskey, Will Dalton and Terry Batey
Irrigator's considerations for change and investment in farm irrigation systems using economic criteria
 60 Victoria Westbrooke
Business options and strategies: a study of small herd owners views in the Waikato, New Zealand
 67 Penny Shaw and Philip Shannon
Coping with unchosen change - an extension practitioner's perspective
 75 Jill Greenhalgh and Philippa Rawlinson
A review of mentoring in agriculture: Another learning option for the next generation of New Zealand farmers?
 82 Daniel Healy, Kate Roberts and Danielle England
Understanding and developing farmers' adaptive capacity to effectively extend research results and achieve practice change
 89 James A Turner, Kelly Rijswijk, Tracy Williams, Tim Barnard and Laurens Klerkx
Challenges to effective interaction in the New Zealand agricultural research and extension system: an innovation systems analysis
 99 Janet Reid, David Gray, Hannah Bruce
Enriching the farm-management consultancy theory: practice nexus
 104 Terry Parminter
A deliberative and inclusive strategy for developing regional natural resource policy
 114 Marie McEntee
Beyond linear technology transfer: Examining learning environments in six sustainable agriculture participatory research projects
 124 Denise Bewsell, Bill Kaye-Biake, Alec Mackay, Robyn Dynes, Margaret Brown and Oscar Montes de Oca
An introduction to the Exploring Future Platform (EFP)
 132 Rupert Tipples, Roberta Hill, Ken Wilson and Jill Greenhalgh
'Decent dairying' - Findings from a Change Laboratory process to reduce fatigue on New Zealand dairy farms
 141 JB Pinxterhuis, D Dalley, I Tarbotton, M Hunter and T Geddes
Evaluating dairy wintering systems in Southern New Zealand
 149 David Stevens, Tracy Payne and Marie Casey
Evaluating a deliberative learning framework to deliver science on deer focus farms
 160 Neels Botha and Toni White
Distress and burnout among NZ dairy farmers: research findings and policy recommendations
 171 Bishop Ochuko Ovwigho
A framework for measuring adoption of innovations: improved cassava varieties in Delta State Nigeria


 Industry Forum
 178 Cam Nicholson
Analysing and discussing risk in farming businesses
 183 A Dunningham, J Walcroft, D Wilson, A Talyor and T White
Finding authoritative resources on climate change: Introducing the climate cloud: a digital library of NZ climate change related resources
 190 Brad Warren
The Australian Seafood Industry: Extension and social licence
 196 Carla Wegscheidl, Jeff Coutts and Adam West
The role of agricultural extension in improving the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef
 204 Chrissy Stokes
Overcoming challenges in supporting remote and regional growers
 210 Danielle England
The stepped adoption of grazing crops in Western Australia
 216 David Stevens, Marie Casey and John Scandrett
Impacts of a winter feeding management on-farm extension programme in Southern New Zealand
 222 Felicity Taylor
Agriculture extension though grower groups - a focus of Grain and Graze 2
 227 Jayne Chamberlain and John Cook
Bringing smart technology to kiwifruit growers
 231 Terry Parminter and Jeremy Neild
Just knowing: tacit knowledge
 240 Liz Alexander and Mike and Debbie Austin
All for one and one for all: the story of'Harcourt' and the Dawson Valley cotton growers
 247 Matthew Pickering
Coaching for achievement in agriculture
 250 Rebecca Pike
A story 50 years in the making: The Benwell Surface Water Management System
 258 Roy Murray-Prior
Developing an agricultural innovation system to meet the needs of smallholder farmers in developing countries
 264 Shane Max, Sonia Whiteman,Severine Brun and Callum Kay
Learning from global orchardists' responses to the Psa epidemic
 270 Sue Pickering
Transformational change must engage hearts as well as minds
 275 Susan Hall and Rebecca Wallis
Making collaboration last longer than your average marriage - Lessons in supporting grower groups in extension over the 11 years of the Grower Group Alliance
 281 Jayce Morgan
Audiences within audiences
 285 Mark Blackwell and Jane Lacy-Hulbert
SmartSAMM extension programme seeks transformation to achieve mastitis and milk quality targets
 290 Alexandra Murray and Lyndal Hasselman
A solution to rigid government NRM planning requirements through adaptive management