The member’s directory provides access to APEN members for networking and organising events. The directory is sent to members annually.



We encourage you to use the Directory to help with networking. Using the Regional Listing, which is in postcode order, you can see who the current members are in your local area. This is very helpful when planning events.

The Directory also includes the contact details for the members of the APEN Management Committee and Cluster Coordinators. These people are usually very knowledgeable about APEN and can advise you how to start networking in your own area. Sometimes just getting started can be the hardest thing to do. So someone with a bit of experience can sometimes make life that little bit easier!

The Management Committee would also welcome people wanting to become a Cluster Coordinator in their own area. The network exists because of its members and it is the members that determine the level of activity in their local area. So get involved, make a difference and benefit from the experience you gain and the people you meet.

Updating contact details

If the details listed for you in the Directory have changed please send an email to the Secretariat with your new details or fill in the form below and submit. 

The Directory does not show postal addresses and fax numbers but these are needed if you are an ordinary or student member, or the contact for a corporate membership. 

Send your updated contact details to