ExtensionNet is a newsletter for members by members so we welcome your contributions. 

The forums have been established to make it easier to submit ideas, know what is needed and provide feedback.

(Authors please do not post ExtensionNet articles on the forum but send them directly to the editor/s. See Management Committee for contact details.)

There are four forums:

Ideas for future editions

Any ideas you have at any time just drop them in here. If you want discussion make it clear in your post. The forum is to collect ideas and generate discussion on topics of importance to extension that can be included in future editions of ExtensionNet. 
If you do place an idea in the forum and you know somebody who could do a good job writing the article, please nominate the person as a potential author.

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Editor’s call for articles

The Editors will place any requests for articles in this forum. So if you are an experienced extension worker with good knowledge of the topic and can help us out, please reply through the forum or directly to the Editors. Alternatively you may know somebody who could do a great job writing the article in which case let us know who they are.

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Feedback on last edition

We are interested in receiving any feedback once you have read ExtensionNet. The way it will work is that the forum for an edition (e.g. March) will stay open until the next edition (e.g. June) is published. It will then be archived for future reference. 
So if you have a comment to make, get in early!

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How can we improve ExtensionNet

We can always do better but the question is how! That is where you come in. If you have an idea as to how we can improve ExtensionNet let us know through the forum. Your comment could relate to content, design or anything that helps make ExtensionNet a better online newsletter. All ideas are welcome!

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Forum rules

  1. All users are expected to respect others in the forum. Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself!
  2. All comments are to focus on issues of relevance to the forum otherwise they maybe deleted.
  3. Comments are to be kept brief and to the point. No essays please.
  4. All members posting comments will be identified by their name.
  5. APEN reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts without notice.