APEN 2018 Webinar series

Dani England is presenting on the Risk mitigation topic on Monday 30 April at 2pm AEST.  Her presentation title is:  “How does risk effect the adoption of on-farm practices? And how can you tailor your package to address this risk?”

If you need help with registering for the webinar - contact info@apen.org.au or isaacson.leanne@gmail.com.

Heather Collins,  2017 APEN Award for Excellence in Extension for an Experienced Professional winner, had a group of nearly 40 people enthralled for the first part of her webinar series:  'The unwritten code’: how social norms can operate in a rural community’ held on Monday 26 February, 2018.
The second part of the Heather Collin's webinar series - Cracking 'the unwritten code’, was held on Monday 9 April and proved to be just as enthralling.
Details of upcoming webinars will be provided soon to members once topics and presenters have been finalised.
Topics being considered include:
  • Stakeholder/audience engagement 
  • Risk mitigation
  • Innovation/co-innovation 
  • Researcher readiness to talk to landholders etc
  • Health and wellness 
  • Regional development meets extension