2017 APEN Webinar - Monday 21 August

Farmstrong NZ, live well farm well – Monday 21 August, 2pm – 2.45pm  AEST,  Register Now!
Gerard Vaughan will share the Farmstrong NZ story. 

Farming is a job with a unique set of challenges.Many are hard to predict or control. They range from climate events like drought and flood to fluctuations in commodity prices, changing government legislation and new technology.

Along with these external factors, come the demands of running any business – financial and production planning, managing cash flow, hiring and managing staff, succession planning etc. These pressures aren’t going to disappear so it’s vital that farmers develop the skills and resilience to cope.

Research shows many farmers are great at looking after their equipment and stock, but, like other NZers, they can neglect their own wellbeing. As an industry, we can’t afford to let these pressures reach the point where they damage productivity and affect the lives of families.

Farmstrong is an initiative designed to give farmers the skills and resources to live well, farm well and get the most out of life.

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Webinars in the 2017 Series. 
  1.  Monday February 20 - The push for more collaboration on-line,  On-line Communities of Practice, using on-line tools, what it is like to work with people in this way and the new RIRDC Extension Hub and how it functions!  
    Gavin Beever, Project manager for RIRDC as the presenter
    The link to the recording is: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4627683193915131649
  2. Monday April 10 -  Insights into Australia’s Banana Extension Program with presenter Tegan Kukulies, DAF Queensland  
  3. Monday June 19 - Dr Gordon Rogers, presented a webinar on "VegNET –Vegetable growers’ vital link to R&D on the ground"
  4. Monday August 21 - Gerard Vaughan will present Farmstrong NZ, live well farm well 
  5. Monday October 16 - Jeff Coutts will present a webinar on Extension and the Great Barrier Reef

2016 Webinar Recordings
2016 webinars recording links are on the APEN website here!