2014 APEN Roadshow - Perth

Monday 28 July, 9.00am - 4.30pm 

[Registrations due: 21 July - Maximum 25 participants!]

Location:  DAFWA Auditorium South Perth, 3 Baron Hay Court, Kensington

The one-day workshop, ‘Designing Effective Events - Using Adult Learning Principles’ is at the DAFWA Auditorium South Perth, 3 Baron Hay Court, Kensington  on Monday 28 July, 9.00am-4.30pm.

This intensive one day workshop will give you an understanding of the key adult learning principles to enable you to design an event that best meets the needs of your target audience. It will give you the tools, techniques and templates needed to design future events.

2014 Roadshow -DEE Workshop Outline 2014 Roadshow -DEE Workshop Outline (213 KB)

Your facilitator
Andrew Huffer will be delivering your workshop. He’s based it on his practical experience in designing and delivering over 700 ‘events’ over the last 14 years. These include:
• Workshops and seminars
• Training programs
• National conferences
• Field tours

What’s on offer
If you register as an APEN member, you’ll also receive a free one hour follow-up phone consultation (valued at $330.00) to assist you in further developing your event design skills.

You’ll also be given access to a specialised online, secure ‘Adult Learning’ forum. Here you’ll be able to pose questions, access resources and further embed your learning in the world of event design. Annual access is valued at $110.00, but of course this is being provided for free.

Registration Cost
Cost (including GST) is only $220.00 for APEN or AIA members or $290.00 for non members
. This includes a full workshop booklet, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
There is also a Membership package - Workshop + 1 yr membership for $310.00.

The July workshops in WA are being subsidised by DAFWA!  The first 32 registrations (10 or 11 for each workshop) from either DAFWA or industry people will be subsidised by 50%!  - please quote "50% DAFWA" on your registration form.

18/7/14 - Subsidised places for Perth have all been taken.  5 places at unsubsidised rates still available.

Workshop proudly supported by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA.



                Rebecca Wallis, rwallis@gga.org.au   (0400 681 054) is the local coordinator and can answer logistical questions.                                        








 The Downloadable registration form allows participants to email, fax or post their details to the APEN Secretariat for processing.  Payment options are Credit Card, EFT or Cheque. A tax receipt/invoice will be emailed to you.

 The Registration Web form allows you to enter your details on-line and a tax invoice will be sent to your organisation.  

Bulk bookings are available through either Registration method. 

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